The limited edition Rochambeau ThinkingCap expands your mind with unique art, literature, events and experiences wherever you travel.

Pre-Order Owners

How it works

Use your smartphone to connect with smart NFC or QR tags on the hat label, and ThinkingCap finds you the best in art, literature, events and experiences – stuff to make you smarter.

Smarter apparel products can now be born digital: made with smart labels and tags that make them more intelligent, more interactive, and more valuable to brands and their customers.


The Rochambeau brand was founded as an outlet for creative expression and artistic collaboration and the ThinkingCap embodies this belief. ThinkingCap owners can access personalized experiences and content that represent the best of contemporary culture and creativity, wherever they are.


Rochambeau began in 2011 when longtime friends Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper saw an opportunity to merge their shared passions of art and design to fill a void in the menswear market. Recently named a CFDA / Vogue Fund Finalist and winning the 2016 US menswear Woolmark award, Rochambeau is a brand rooted in the grit and mystery of New York City.



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